May 23, 2015
Wed 06 Jul 2011

ISTE take-home message #1: It's all about the iPads

  • New tablets from Viewsonic, for example, range from very usable, inexpensive mobile Internet devices all the way to dual boot Android/Windows PCs that just happen to live in a tablet form factor. That being said, though, you couldn’t sneeze at ISTE without someone looking up from their iPad to say “Gazuntite!” The sleek tablets were everywhere
  • Vendor HotSpot big business of ed tech, but, at the end of the day, I had a chance to talk to a lot of people (teachers, vendors, thought leaders, and administrators alike) and walked away with some overarching themes, ideas, and impressions on the state of the art in educational technology
  • Most recently, he started his own consulting business and is now the Vice President of Marketing for WizIQ, Inc., a virtual classroom and learning network provider
  • He escaped to the right coast in the early 90's and received a degree in Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University
  • This message is especially important for those of us who develop ed tech products but is a big heads up for anyone who thought the iPad just might be a fad

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